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Waga produktu: 0.1 kg
Gwarancja: 12 miesięcy
Realizacja zamówienia: 10 dni
Wysyłka od: 20.00 PLN
Producent: ProfiCNC

Cube Purple:


An STM32F427 Rev 3 Flight management unit. (where the flight controller lives.)

An STM32F100 I/O processor with pass through capabilities for failsafe. (deals with the Receiver and outputs )

1 Fixed 10 Axis IMU on the main Main board.

(MPU9250 3 axis Accell, 3 axis gyro, and 3 axis mag, MS5611 Barometer)

Mini Carrier Board:

standardized DF17 connector which allows user to connect it to every version of the Cube flight controller. With smaller size and almost the same capability with Pixhawk 2.1 standard carrier board, it can better fit-in to those applications which have size limits. Also, it can be equipped with the Cube Mini to better fulfill the requests from customers.


Functionality of Carrier Board:

Dual power input (for redundant power, automatic switch to another power when one fails)
Power distribution (limit the current at each connector, avoiding overloading when one device draws too large current)
Voltage protection (over or under voltage protection, the circuit will be shut down if the voltage exceeds the limit)

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