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Kod producenta: HX4-06005
Waga produktu: 0.1 kg
Gwarancja: 12 miesięcy
Realizacja zamówienia: 10 dni
Wysyłka od: 20.00 PLN
Producent: ProfiCNC

This is the Pixhawk 2.1 Cube only, intended for use as a replacement part and for integration by OEMs. The Cube will not function without a carrier board.



32-bit ARM Cortex M4 core with FPU
168 Mhz/256 KB RAM/2 MB Flash
32-bit failsafe co-processor
Three redundant IMUs (accels, gyros and compass)
InvenSense MPU9250, ICM20948 and/or ICM20648 as first and third IMU (accel and gyro)
ST Micro L3GD20+LSM303D or InvenSense ICM2076xx as backup IMU (accel and gyro)
Two redundant MS5611 barometers


Redundant power supply with automatic failover
Servo rail high-power (7 V) and high-current ready
All peripheral outputs over-current protected, all inputs ESD protected


14x PWM servo outputs (8 from IO, 6 from FMU)
S.Bus servo output
R/C inputs for CPPM, Spektrum / DSM and S.Bus
Analogue / PWM RSSI input
5x general purpose serial ports, 2 with full flow control
2x I2C ports
SPI port
2x CAN Bus interface
3x Analogue inputs (3.3V and 6.6V)
High-powered piezo buzzer driver (on expansion board)
High-power RGB LED (I2C driver compatible connected externally only)
Safety switch / LED

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