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Kod producenta: HX4-06214
Gwarancja: 12 miesięcy
Realizacja zamówienia: 48 godzin
Wysyłka od: 20.00 PLN
Producent: CubePilot

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Najnowszy moduł The Cube Orange+ - podstawa autopilota, wymaga carrier board.


1. Faster H7 SOC with 1MB ram.
2. Upgraded triple redundant IMU sensors for extra redundancy.
3. Two sets of IMU are vibration-isolated mechanically, reducing the effect of frame vibration to state estimation.
4. IMUs are temperature-controlled by onboard heating resistors, allowing optimum working temperature of IMUs.
5. The entire flight management unit(FMU) and inertial management unit(IMU) are housed in a reatively small form factor (a cube).
6. Fully Cubepilot carrierboard compatible, all inputs and outputs go through a 80-pin DF17 connector, allowing a plug-in solution for manufacturers of commercial systems. 
7. Manufacturers can design their own carrier boards to suit their specific needs now and in the future.
For more details, please check the CubePilot official doc:
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