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Producent: Airbot Systems
The Airbot Mini carrier board is one of the way to install a Cube on a drone. The Mini carrier board encapsulate all the wiring in a 50.5x57.5mm board, in order to save space and weight for applications which have size limits.
  • Dual power inputs (redundant power with automatic switch to the second power source when first one fails) 
  • Easy to install on drone (see the mounting pattern above) 
  • Power distribution & voltage protection (providing current to each connector) 
  • Motor PWM signal distribution (up to 8 motors - distributed on corners) 
  • Standard 2.54mm servo PPM/S.BUS/Spectrum RC input (+5v/+3.3v selectable power from carrier board) 
  • AUX VCC pins are connected together. This allows powering the AUX rail externally. 
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